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    June 15, 2022 1 min read

    1. 1.Measuring cups help a lot.They help in adding the right quantity we see from a recipie

      2.Onion choppers save a lot of time

      3.Try briyani. Briyani makes you feel that you're really becoming a better chef

      4.Prepare your own masalas instead of buying in store. It makes a huge difference in your preparations

      5.Learn from your mistakes.That's the way to get better at cooking

      6.Distinguish a dish by its ingredients.Observe what all is added in a dish and taste it as if you are eating the ingredients separately.As you become a better chef, you will figure what all that is added in any dish

      7.Make dishes in small quantity and remember the quantities used. Increase them proportionally and make larger quantities

      8.Get a debugging partner. Be open to comments. Ask people what's missing or excess

      9.Add salt little by little.